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Our residential services are broken down into three specific packages designed to provide tailored services based on your needs. We provide a lawn care program, tree & shrub program as well as an exterior pest control package.

Our lawn care program is built based on over twenty years of experience installing and maintaining some of the valley’s largest commercial landscapes. We know the soils in our valley because we’ve worked in them for years developing landscapes that last. We also know the critical importance of developing long term organics in the soil to improve your lawn and keep it healthy.

Lawn Care

Our lawn care program is built on six site visits per season, each application timed to provide max coverage and effectiveness to your yard.

This round includes an early season granular fertilizer that includes pre-emergent for your turf to prevent weed germination in the spring.

This round includes a mid-spring liquid application to provide weed control in the lawn as well as fertilizer that will help green up your lawn quickly. It also includes micronutrients that will enhance soil development long term in your yard.

This early summer round includes a slow-release granular fertilizer application that includes billbug prevention. We will also provide spot treatment for weeds in the turf while on site.

This mid-summer round includes a liquid round of fertilizer that includes iron to keep your lawn green during the heat of the summer as well additional micronutrients to promote healthy soil development.

This early fall round includes a liquid fertilizer application with micronutrients that also includes turf weed control for emerging fall weeds as the weather begins to cool off.

This late fall round will prepare your turf for winter by giving it the needed nutrients to be ready for spring breakout.

Tree & Shrub Care

Our tree & shrub care program is built on years of experience managing trees in all soil types throughout the Treasure Valley. Each type of tree needs different and unique attention based on area in the valley and soils present. We’ve developed a tailored program to make your trees stress free and healthy.

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Application 1

This round includes an early spring dormant oil treatment to manage wintering insects that can embed in the trees over wintertime.

Application 2

This round includes a mid-spring fertilization for trees & shrubs to provide needed nutrients to promote growth and nutrition for the summertime.

Application 3

This round includes a foliar tree & shrub treatment to manage summering insects such as aphids.

Application 4

This round includes a fall deep root injection to provide much needed nutrition to the tree & shrub root systems to help the trees winter effectively and prepare for the following growing season.

Exterior Pest Control

Our exterior pest control program is designed to prevent insects from getting inside of your home. These treatments coincide with our lawn care program so each application is provided at the same time. Each application includes an exterior treatment along the foundation and doorways of the home to prevent intrusion.

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